After several years of working for other carpet cleaning companies and learning my
craft I, like of lot of other people, borrowed a little money from Mom and Dad and
started my own business. Beginning in  the middle of 1992 I started a company
called Serves You Right Carpet Cleaning. I owned and operated that company until
the spring of 2000 at which time I sold it.  When I left I had 8 cleaning trucks and over
20 employees

That many people and that many trucks was quite a hand-full. It was difficult to stay in
touch with customers and difficult to find employees I could count on.

I recalled how much simpler it had been when I started and had just the one truck
and a couple of cleaners that I trained and worked with myself. I decided to return to
that simplified idea and it has been working out great.

Overall, selling the business was a good move. I was released from the headache of
constantly being someone's boss and could focus on just doing a good job for my  
customers. Seeing the same clients from year to year and developing a relationship,
with trust, is the way business should be done.
A Brief History of
El Toro Carpet Cleaners
and the owner-
Richard Little